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Notizen 2021



"Freund oder Feind? Vor den Bug oder hinter die Binde?" Bursch.

"I'm imagining a kind of fiction where geography more commonly inhabits the center of the story"
[ lithub.com/where-you-from-the-problem-with-shortcuts-in-writing-place-in-fiction/ ]

"In other words, the problem with platforms isn't, in all cases, centralization per se. Instead, the negatives we contend with on big tech's platforms are rooted in their software's alignment with and embedding of the ideologies of capitalism." Na ja. Ich bin doch eher ein Freund der Dezentralisierung ('wie alles anfing'), mir gefallen die anderen Ideologien auch nicht besser.
[ networkcultures.org/blog/2021/06/29/platform-realism/ ]

Welttag der Zoonosen